Enlargement of the Port of Marbella Bajadilla of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Tani

On the irregular developments

Work on areas of the property owners

Protection of public road

Road public property

The areas of increased utilization (AIA) of the General Plan for Marbella

Nov 062011

On the irregular developments

In this audio podcast lawyer Alejandro Criado and architect Juan Antonio Serrano discussed the problem of irregular developments and the Draft Decree on undeveloped land of junta of Andalusia. It also discusses possible solutions to the illegal developments in the PlaneSer.


Apr 172011

Protection of public road

Dominio público viario - Carreteras

Given that the average cost of highway miles over two million euros, its protection is very necessary. The means for the protection of public road are as follows

a) Prohibited Advertising

Outside the urban sections of state highways is forbidden to advertise in any place visible from the public area of ​​the road, although this prohibition in no case entitled to compensation.

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Apr 022011

The areas of increased utilization (AIA) of the General Plan for Marbella


This is a case of non-consolidated urban land subject to the provision of Article 45.2.Bb of LOUA, ie being part of building homogeneous areas, continuous or discontinuous, to which the planning instrument assigned to them an advantage significantly higher than the existing target, when their performance requires an increase or improvement of public services and urbanization existentes.En this case is incorporated into a delivery area to allow the free acquisition of dotacionales spaces through technical transfers harvesting, without prejudice to the management process Marbella City Council can apply to enforcement for the implementation of public land and then pass the cost on the plots with excess use.

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