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Land for development

IMG_2002The developable land is the land needed to absorb the expected growth of the city.

There are three categories of land for development (Article 47 LOUA)

• ordered developable land: Soil integrated sector for which the plan (general or development) to establish the detailed planning.[:]

• building land sectored (scheduled ancient building land): land best suited to absorb the expected growth of the city. Integrated soil sector where the General Plan set the conditions for processing by PPO.

• building land not sectorized (old building land unscheduled): Soil not integrated in sector

Regarding the rights and duties of land for development

• Rights (Articles 53, 54 LOUA)
or enjoy the rustic nature under the ground
o Promote the transformation of soil

• Duties of the promotion of land for development (Article 16 of Land Law)
or promote its transformation under the conditions imposed on planning
or Providing land for roads, hospitals, parks etc. ..
Transfers of land or equal to 10% utilization of the area for the Municipality (can be changed from 5 to 20%)
or cost and running the urbanization
or equitable distribution of benefits and burdens of planning

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