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Regional planning in Andalusia

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The Community of Andalusia has exclusive competence for regional planning as required by Article 148.3 EC assumed status 1981 in its Article 13.8

Spatial planning is regulated in Andalusia by Law 1 / 1994 of 11 January, Spatial Planning of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. This law is certainly a short and limited content.[:]

Begin by distinguishing two concepts of spatial planning and urban design, and we are left with the strictly municipal urban planning and intermunicipal level of planning.

According to the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court can be said that regional planning aims set destinations and uses of space in its entirety, as well as sorting and distributing public values the shares on the territory and infrastructure, nature reserves, extensions, or areas of influence of population centers, communications, etc..

Urban planning and urbanism, however, focuses on the prosecution to the fact city, destination and rational use of physical space in the center of population, as also the case law of the Constitutional Court.

The way to make the linkage of urban plans with guidelines or spatial plans is through the participation of different government and in particular local authorities who are directly affected

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