Alejandro Criado part in a conference on open licenses in Marbella with the Delegation of Malaga Bar

Criado AbogadosAlejandro Criado, a member of Criado Abogados and monitoring section of the general plan of the Delegation of Marbella in Marbella Bar Association, participated on 2 July 2008 in a panel discussion on the opening of establishment licenses in buildings not fit the current general plan of Marbella.[:]

The speakers were the Lawyer and Doctor of Law Don Juan Luis Moreno Lopez, Francisco Ledesma, Legal Service of HE urbanism. Malaga City Hall and the renowned urban planner attorney, Juan Ramon Fernandez and Toro Canivell, acting as moderator Don Alejandro Criado Sánchez. The day aimed to inform colleagues of the criterion of the legal services of the Municipality of Marbella on the licensing of openness, adhering to the various circumstances in which the building can be found, among which include depending on whether or not expired the municipal authority file for the start of restoration of civil order disturbed and he could finish the demolition, and as such power may or may not expire, being in the latter case dotacionales buildings in soils, in which case you can not understand given opening license.

A second objective was the discussion of the criterion of legal services and the various problems that may confront the individual who relies on administrative contentious refusal to leave open.

-Alejandro 2 de julio de 2008