Alejandro Criado part in a conference on the Law of the Bar Association Costs


During the 17th and 18th September 2009, was one day on the Coastal Law College dorganizada by the Delegation of Malaga Malaga Bar Association, which was presented by Alejandro Criado, a member of Criado Abogados. The day that was entitled «Twenty years of the Coastal Act: theoretical and practical problems» was among other speakers, with Francisco Javier Hermoso Carazo, head of the Coasts Mediterranean Andalusia in Malaga.

Regarding the contents of the Week, D. Francisco Hermoso Carazo analyzed Costs policy and its development since the entry into force of the Coastal Act.D. Jose Ramon Martinez Cordero, head of the area of integrated maritime-terrestrial public domain of the Department of Sustainability and the Sea Coast and director of the Demarcation Plan for the Environment Ministry, addressed the theory and practice of surveying the public domain sea-land.[:]

The Legal Marbella Mintegui Ms Cristina Cano made a very thorough analysis of real actions in civil proceedings in respect of the shaped network included in the maritime-terrestrial public domain.

D. Enrique Romero Gómez, counsel for the Government of Andalusia, and General Coordinator of the Mediterranean Hydrographic District analyzed the legal status of urban uses and joint demarcation of powers between the coastal and regional and municipal administrations.

The Counsel of the City of Malaga, D. Cardador Jose Jimenez, who is also coordinator manager Gerencia Municipal de Urbanismo del Ayuntamiento de Málaga, made a joint analysis of the boundary on the planning of urban and regional planning and, specifically, the delineation of protection and servitude its urban system.

Finally, D. Angel Gonzalez Castiñeira, Manager and Head of the State Civil Service Performance Management of Coasts Andalusian-Mediterranean Environment Ministry discussed the transitional arrangements of the Coastal Act, specifically, the conversion of the title Sunday in granting public domain.

-Alejandro 21 de septiembre de 2009