Background to the public road

IMG_2675Road construction in Spain is driven by the Royal Decree of June 10, 1761 by Carlos III, noting that at that time the lack of roads was one of the main obstacles to national progress, as reported Jovellanos in his report on the Land Law.

[:]In the nineteenth century laws abound public roads, as are the Laws of crossings and roads, 1849 or the General Act of 1877 road, which was in force until the Roads Act 1974, in turn repealed by Law existing roads in 1988.

Following these laws are implemented successive road master plans, as approved in 1860. In the mid-eighties, the Spanish roads had a significant delay compared with the countries of our environment and they were unable to absorb the increase in traffic brought about by economic recovery, others suffer from serious security problems for their poorly laid and conservation status. For this starts the general plan of roads in 1984-1991, with a budget of 2.8 trillion pesetas, of which 12% came from the ERDF. It is as a result of this plan as drawn up and approved the current law of highways, 1988, with a view to increasing safety requirements and quality of the roads planned and future.

-Alejandro 24 de febrero de 2011