Bar Raised in the day working on the General Plan of Marbella

Alejandro Criado

On 29 June, the day took place on the new General Plan for Marbella Fydu organized by the Foundation which was attended by more than eighty professionals, including lawyers, architects and developers. The presentation of the day was given by the Foundation president, Alejandro Criado. As coordinator, told Day with Manuel Jimenez, an attorney practicing planner in Málaga and in the direction Canivell Don Juan Ramon Fernandez, a lawyer practicing urban area in Málaga.[:]

From the day began with an analysis of Alejandro Criado Sánchez of the General Plan of Marbella and structure, highlighting the importance of memory of the General Plan. His paper also included a highly controversial issue Marbella General Plan such as the license of first occupation of the dwellings included in areas of adjustment increments areas ordinance development and maintenance, ie in areas of standardization of the General Plan. For his part, Manuel Jiménez Baras analyzed the urban use of the General Plan and the implementation of standardization. Jose Maria del Monte Monrente exposed a case study of a sheet area regularización.La day continued with the presentation of Don Fernando Cid Monreal, regional counsel, who stated the doctrine of the Supreme Court on the failure to execute judgments essential to take account in the normalization of the General Plan for Marbella, as it will be necessary in many cases delivery of the Litigation Division of Malaga High Court of Andalusia to near failure to comply with a ruling that declared invalid as a planning permission normaliación or implementation is foreseen in the General Plan for Marbella through the mechanism of compensation dotacionales areas. In the afternoon, Julian Figuereo Force, a lawyer and official registration of ownership of Lanzarote on leave, presented the legal regime of the third mortgage or purchaser in good faith from the standpoint of the registry law.

Jornada sobre el nuevo Plan General de Marbella

Then Javier Anaya, architect and coordinator Tinsa Andalusia, along with M. Peace Chocano, architect Tinsa appraiser in Marbella, explained the criteria for assessing compensation in the General Plan of Marbella, analyzing the information about an area of internal reform for the purpose of normalización.La day ended with a panel discussion on the effects and consequences the entry into force of the new General Plan for Marbella in the intervening Canivell Juan Ramón Fernández, Alejandro Criado Sanchez as a member and moderator, Baras Manuel Jiménez, Juan Antonio Serrano Tirao, Javier Anaya and Jose Maria del Monte Morente.

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-Alejandro 4 de julio de 2010