Basic questions of urbanism


What is urbanism?: Urbanism can be understood by the phenomenon of the city and its extension.

What is a General Plan is a document that provides comprehensive urban planning a municipality. Of a general plan can highlight the classification of the whole municipality in different soil types: urban, developable and not be developed. Also provides detailed management in urban land, such as plants existing or future buildings.[:]

How long do I have to make arguments to a general plan?The minimum period of public exhibition of the revision or development of a comprehensive plan is a month.

What land for development should be classified overall plan? The general plan must classify the building land needed for the development of the municipality within the plan period. In Andalusia, there is a limitation in the classification of land for development and can not be classified as land for development, unless it is for industrial use, over 40% of urban land, with some exceptions in small towns.

What should I do if I include a section on planning for development? It is advisable always be part of the entity to carry out such development, which will normally be a board of compensation.

What if after three months since I applied the municipality building permit will not answer me? In this case, means leave granted by the administration, although the start of the works will require a notice to the municipality with at least ten days in advance. If the works do not conform to general plan, municipalities and part of the case, understand that there are administrative silence.

What happens if I start a file of planning discipline to impose a sanction and to demolish my home built? Well have to analyze many aspects, such as mitigating circumstances of the possible infringement or the possibility of legalization of all or part of the work.

-Alejandro 1 de julio de 2009