Buying a home affected by the standardization of the new General Plan for Marbella


The entry into force of the Comprehensive Plan of Marbella has led to a dual legal security. First, the investor seeks to buy land that already has the legal security of the urban planning of it and, secondly, the owner of a home whose license may have been challenged as being contrary to General Plan 1986, by the fact that the 2010 General Plan recognizes the building.
However, the organization established by standardization, much lesser extent, has led to a certain degree of legal uncertainty for the buyer of a property affected by it, since it is difficult to calculate the amount to which possibly could have to get to meet the homeowner.

It is wise advice from a lawyer on any charges urbanist town planning and, above all, the assessment of evidence by an expert appraiser. In the end, if the price is reasonable, taking into account any amounts estimated by the buyer or planner attorney if the appraiser, the purchase is recommended.

In Criado Lawyers can advise on the purchase of your home affected by standardization.

-Alejandro 4 de junio de 2010