Conference on the Decree on undeveloped land of Andalucia

Jornada sobre la reforma de la LOUA

Thursday March 8, 2012 will be a conference on the Decree on undeveloped land, particularly on the new regime of existing buildings and settlements in that kind of soil. The event is organized by the Foundation Fydu and the city of Malaga and will be held in the auditorium of Heritage Museum Malaga (MUPAM). All information of the day in

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The aim of the conference is to analyze from a practical standpoint the new Decree 2/2012 for regulating the regime of the buildings and undeveloped land settlements, and the amendments made by Law 2/2012 on the LOUA that are relevant in this matter. The new decree is to give a concrete response to the existing legal situations, and ultimately determines the procedure for recognition of existing buildings on undeveloped land on which it is not possible to take measures to protect urban legality The legal position that will remain the same and their access to basic urban services and the incorporation of urban settlements to the urban development process and clarifies the identification, definition and method of execution of infrastructure and services in the areas of Rural Habitat spread while remaining developable soils. A regulation that is certainly not without controversy as it becomes a right of the owners but also an obligation, which in some cases have a high economic cost.

17:00 h. Presentation day.
D. Alejandro Criado Sanchez. Foundation President Fydu planner and lawyer
17:20 h. Legalization and recognition of isolated buildings, legal status and management was assimilated to that regime. Consequences and benefits of such acknowledgments.
D. Manuel Alejandro Jimenez Baras. Lawyer.
18:00 h. The addition to the planning of urban settlements existing undeveloped land and regulation of rural areas of habitat spread.
D. Francisco Merino Mata. Architect.
19:00 h. Pause – Caterer of Fydu
19:20 h. Round Table. Practical aspects of the Decree on undeveloped land
Modera. D. Alejandro Criado Sanchez. Attorney planner.
D. Francisco Merino Mata. Technical Marbella Town Council
D. Career Francisco Rodriguez. Architect. Head of service planning Málaga College of Architects
D. Manuel Jimenez Baras. Advocate Planner
D. Juan Ramon Fernandez Canivell. Attorney planner.
D. Alfredo Olmedo Pañaranda. City Clerk of Genalguacil
D ª. Love Olveira Fuster. Legal counsel. Service planning of the Provincial de Málaga
20:45 End of Day

-Alejandro 28 de febrero de 2012