Consequences of the entry into force of the new General Plan for Marbella

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There are generic consequences of entry and other specific force. Regarding the general effects of any General Plan such as Marbella, are the classic products of the enactment of any provision of general character: compulsory, enforceability and right to information and access to content by the public.


These three parameters are offered in paragraphs c) d) f) art. 34 LOUA.:

c) The obligation to comply with its provisions by all subjects, public and private reserves to be invalid any dispensation. However, if you have not impede the execution of an instrument of planning, may be permitted on land uses and works provisionally justified, to be demolished when agreed to by the City Council, without compensation. The granting of the permit and its conditions shall be recorded in the Registry of Property under mortgage law.

d) The enforceability of its decisions to the effects of the application by the public administration of any means of enforcement.

f) The right of anyone to access and query their contents.


Regarding the specific efficacy of the General Plan for Marbella, linking soil when out of management and declaration of public utility. These effects are established in subparagraphs a), b) e) provides that:

a) The linking of land, facilities, buildings and buildings to the destination resulting from their ranking and rating and urban law that apply to them accordingly.

b) The statement was in a state of facilities management, building and buildings erected before that are unhappy with the new management, in terms that the planning instrument concerned.

c) The declaration of public interest and the need to occupy the land, facilities, buildings and associated buildings for the purposes of expropriation or imposition of easements, when providing for public works or ordinary ring-execution units for which accurate implementation of expropriation. Be understood to include any case the land necessary for the external connections to networks, infrastructure and services.

-Alejandro 28 de octubre de 2010