Criado Abogados works at a workshop on land management and reparcelling

IMG_1370Raised Bar was one of the collaborating with the seminar on 16 June took place at the Palacio de Congresos in Marbella on land management and reparcelling Fydu organized by the Foundation and the Marbella Town Hall. Its speakers included the presentació property recorder and editor of the Royal Decree 1093/1997 of registration of ownership of planning acts of nature, Rafael Arnaiz Eguren.[:]

The seminar began with a presentation of the seminar by Alejandro Criado Sanchez, president of the Foundation Fydu, coordinator of the seminar and a member of Criado Abogados. Following the presentation, held an introduction to the implementation of urban planning and management that was conducted by the seminar director, Juan Ramon Fernandez Canivell y Toro, which highlighted the ongoing importance of land management to the difficult situation facing the housing market, which in his opinion, not fully activated until 2017.

Next, we examined the draft reparcelación by lawyer Manuel Jimenez Baras from a very practical perspective on the basis of a project already approved and registered in the land registry.

After the lunch break at half past four began the presentation on the draft reparcelación and property registration, which was conducted by Don Rafael Arnaiz Eguren, which was analyzed and Royal Decree 1093/1997 third parties of good faith registration against the administration and the possible demolition of a building.

Finally, the round table was held, with members appearing in the picture, in which also spoke of the previous rapporteur, Don Julio Cesar Garcia Rosado, registrar in Marbella and Mark Christmas gift, head of enforcement negotiated planning Management of the City of Malaga.

-Alejandro 16 de junio de 2009