Development Planning

Imagen 5Development planning consists of the partial plan, special plan, detailed study and catalogs.

* The part of management plan (Article 13 LOUA)

Its aim is the establishment, in developing the General Plan for Town Planning, the detailed planning required for the execution of entire sectors on urban land and building land unconsolidated.

His determinations are as follows:[:]

a) The layout of the network communications sector (road) and networks of various water supply, sewerage, electricity, lighting and telecommunications.

b) The delimitation of areas of urban planning, with detailed mapping of the uses and building typologies, and its own regulation through ordinances or by reference to the general plan.

* The special plan (Article 14 LOUA)

Its purpose is varied and can include the following:

a) Establish the detailed planning of urban areas subject to proceedings or integrated operations of internal reform, for the renovation and improvement.

b) Preserve, protect and improve the rural environment, especially singular spaces with agriculture and scattered rural areas Habitat.

* The detailed study (Article 15 LOUA)

Its purpose is to supplement or adapt some determinations of planning in areas of low-level urban land, and to that end may:

a) The management of volumes, the local road layout and location of secondary dotacional public land.

b) Establish and Grade alignments of any road, and to adjust and management determinations referred to in the previous paragraph, should be established in such planning tools.

* Catalogs (Article 19 LOUA)

It complements the findings of the planning instruments relating to the conservation, protection or improvement of urban heritage, architectural, historical, cultural, natural or scenic. Membership of the remaining planning or formulated and approved independently.

-Alejandro 21 de agosto de 2009