Encroachment offense

3269873603_def848d166Article 245 of the penal code that establace violent or threatening people or property are occupying one thing right usurp real estate belonging to others, he shall, in addition to the penalties who commits the violence committed by a fine of six to eighteen months, to be determined taking into account the profit obtained and the damage caused. This crime you discuss it usurps so when a house used against owners, for example, a weapon or intimidating to certain material or personal.[:]

The crime to comment on the «squatters» is a milder course than the last, and when dealing without proper authorization and means that without violence or intimidation, a building, dwelling or building that do not constitute non-dwelling, or is sustained in them against the will of its owner. In this case, the «ucup» will be punishable by a fine of three to six months. The amount of the fine is proportional to the economic means of the same.

-Alejandro 9 de octubre de 2009