Hydrological planning

planificacion-hidrologicaThe water planning will aim

a) Get in good and adequate protection of public water

b) Meeting the water demands[:]

Water policy serves the strategies and sectoral plans on the various uses to establish public authorities, subject to the rational and sustainable management of the resource to be implemented by the Ministry of Environment, or by the competent authorities hydraulic , which will determine any authorization, concession or future infrastructure being sought.

Planning is implemented using the River Basin Management Plans and National Water Plan. The area covered by each river basin management plan will be coincident with that of the corresponding river basin.

The Government, through Royal Decree, adopt river basin management plans in the terms it deems appropriate in the general interest

The development and subsequent revisions proposed river basin management plans will be made by the basin agency concerned or by the competent water administration in basins covered entirely in the territory of the Autonomous Community.

The river basin management plans are to include the following aspects:

a) The general description of the river basin and water uses

b) The list of environmental goals

c) A summary of the economic analysis of water use

The National Water Plan was adopted by Law 10/2001 of 5 July, the National Water Plan and contient, inter alia, the following:

a) The measures necessary for the coordination of the various river basin management plans.

b) The solution for those offering possible alternatives.

c) The provision and conditions of transfers of water resources between different territorial areas of river basin management plans.

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