Catalogs are planning documents that complement or develop overall plans or development type. Its objective is the protection of property for primarily historical or cultural.

Marbella The General Plan contains an extensive and thorough catalog due to the historical importance of the city as well as its large number of objects of cultural, historical and archaeological.

An example of property protected for historical reasons the General Plan of Marbella is the Finca la Concepción and especially the existing remains of the first settlement the same steel that was installed in Spain, in 1826. In fact, this property is of great importance in the history of Spain because it started the industrial revolution in the country in the hands of businessman Manuel Agustín Heredia. This businessman, although Rioja origin, was right to emigrate to the South of Spain, Malaga, rather than to America, thanks to its steel companies, in addition to its 12 ships that traded with America and their projects the Bank of Malaga and creating a shipping company that would unite Cádiz Marseille, became one of the leading businessmen of Spain in the S. XIX.

La Forge de la Concepción, whose remains are found at Finca la Concepción, which bears the names of the Corporation of Our Lady of the Conception, led to produce cast iron 70% in Spain, along with Constance Ferrería in Malaga.

La Finca la Concepción contains not only the old chapel in which he was the Virgin of the Conception in a good state of preservation, but also many of the ships that served as warehouses. It also contains its own manufacturing facility, although his condition is not good and needs rehabilitation. Likewise, also contains several major civil works sizes through which water was carried.

At present, although privately owned, the property and assets in general have a good condition and is used for agricultural and recreational activities for their owners.

-alejandrocriado 28 de julio de 2013