Promotions dotacional soil classified as the new General Plan for Marbella

The provisional approval document of the General Plan for Marbella July 29, 2009 scored three housing developments inhabited dotacional as soil, leading to the possibility that he might be missing. These promotions are:

1) Rio Real Playa. ARG-RR-5


2) Playa Real. SG – PL- 19.2[:]

SG - PL- 19.2

3) Banana Beach. SG-PL-6.1


The report in favor of final approval of the General Plan for Marbella of January 29, 2010 of the Committee on Planning and Urbanism of the Andalusian qualifies based on criteria which must be continued use of PGOU dotacional 1986 although it is a development of homes inhabited, and is the maintenance of such status to the soil that is along the coast.

Based on this qualification, it has required the Marbella Town Hall for the final approval document is published and comes into force, are added to the previous three promotions that may be subject to loss, the following:

4) SP 8 ARG «The Magnolis» Set the Magnolias

Los Magnolis5) AL 2 ARG «Vistamar» Albarito Beach Set


6) ARG VB 2 “Parque Arroyo de la Vivora”


7) AA NG 7 and the space adjacent to the existing planning


Captura de pantalla 2010-03-21 a las 23.30.51


-Alejandro 21 de marzo de 2010