Protecting the public water domain

proteccion-aguas1 .- Objectives of the protection of public water

The objectives of the protection of public water:

a) To prevent the deterioration of aquatic ecosystems

b) Promote the sustainable use of water

c) Protecting and improving the aquatic environment by establishing specific measures for the progressive reduction

[:] d) Mitigate the effects of floods and droughts.

e) Ensure the allocation of water of better quality than those existing in an area or region for supply of stocks.

 2 .- The water police.

The role of water law enforcement on the property of the public water and bonded over their areas and perimeters of protection, shall be exercised by the competent water administration.

The role will involve police, among others, the following functions:

a) The inspection and monitoring of public water.

b) Inspection and enforcement of the terms of concessions and authorizations relating to public water.

In performing its function, environmental agents in police stations for the water basin agencies are in the nature of public authority and are empowered to:

a) enter freely at any time and without notice in places subject to inspection

b) To perform any diligence investigations, examinations or tests they deem necessary to verify that the laws are observed correctly.

The facts found by the officers of the Scale of Environmental Managers are made out in the relevant minutes will presumption of certainty, notwithstanding the evidence in defense of the rights and interests can provide interested parties.

The River Guards support work and assistance to environmental agents in the exercise of its police powers of water.

3 .- The surveying and demarcation of the channels in the public domain.

The surveying and demarcation of the public domain channels corresponds to the State Administration and carried out by basin organizations.

The approved boundary will have the following effects

a) declares the possession and ownership to the State Sunday, giving rise to demarcation.

b) It shall be sufficient basis to rectify the records of the Land Registry or contradictory inmatriculación of goods in the public

 4 .- The register of protected areas.

In each river basin exists at least one record of areas that have been designated for special protection.

In the registry must comprise:

a) The areas that make a collection of water intended for human consumption

b) Areas that have been declared for the protection of significant aquatic species from the economic standpoint.

c) perimeter protection and thermal mineral waters

Urban planning instruments contain appropriate forecasts to ensure no water condition recorded in the register of protected areas.

-Alejandro 7 de noviembre de 2009