Reparcelling and urbanization

Imagen 51 .- Reparcelling

The conversion is legal reparcelación land of rustic character of an urban land, in the case of land for development. When we are dealing with urban land, the legal conversion of urban land is consolidated Undeveloped land with development consolidated. This conversion is a result of the implementation of planning, which is materialized by the development.[:]

Reparcelling is done through the draft reparcelación. This project is the document that is done the distribution of benefits and burdens of urban action and that is part of the property registration. Regarding benefits, which are the new plots established by the urban planning, means that the proposed registry reparcelación include existing farms as «farms produced» and a description of the new plots that are created after the development and lead to the creation the corresponding properties in the property registry. Regarding the charges, the draft reparcelación includes a description of all costs of urbanization (urbanization works, minutes of the lawyers, architects ….) And a condition to each of the new estates registry of the development costs to their rightful owners.

The draft approved by the City Council reparcelación in systems of expropriation and cooperation. In the compensation system, approved by the compensation board and later the City Council.

 2 .- Urbanization

Urbanization brings the real and material conversion of land from rustic to urban character grounds, when we are in developable land. In urban land, land conversion involves consolidated Undeveloped land with development consolidated.

To carry out the necessary development is drafting and approving the development project, which is the technical document which covers all necessary works of urbanization laugh, realizing the established management planning. The development project approved by the City Council.

-Alejandro 7 de octubre de 2009