Stages of the adoption of urban planning

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The stages of planning approval are:

a) Advance planning (Article 28 LOUA)

Aims of nition of objectives and general proposals of the sort. Lead to the submission of suggestions for public information of at least a month. There will be mandatory for progress in the development and review of comprehensive plans to encourage participation of individuals.[:]

b) Initial

The initial approval will be the first stage of approval and will entail a period of public information for the minimum period of a month. After initial approval will require the reports of the organs and entities concerned, as the Coasts, roads, etc … account of the Mediterranean.

c) provisional approval of the planning

After a period of public information for citizens and following the reports of the sectoral, is provisionally approved by the full council

d) Final Approval

Municipalities shall be responsible to report to the Ministry of Public Works

· General Plan Amendments that do not affect the structural arrangement

· PPO municipal level

· Special plans at the municipal level

· Detailed studies of municipal level

· Catalogs municipal level

It is for the Ministry of Public Works


· Plans sectorization

· Plans and inter-area development


-Alejandro 21 de agosto de 2009