Techniques equidistribution of benefits and burdens: Areas of distribution and use half

Imagen 5One of the most important aspects of planning and defining the property rights of landowners affected by the same techniques are equal distribution of benefits and burdens, which are in particular the areas of distribution and use environment.[:]

We can define the area of distribution as the field of determination of the use environment. I mean, it delineated an area that is characterized by a single use benchmark, from which establishes the use of subjective content corresponding to each land owner.

Regarding the utilization means, we can define it as a unitary utilization by dividing the total use that the Plan allocates a given area bounded between the surface soil of this area. Planning is a determination that serves as a reference for determining the content of property rights, ie to calculate the subjective use of each owner. To calculate the total use of a distribution area, since they can not add floor area for different uses have different values, will require the use of coefficients of homogenization.

The subjective use of an owner is to realize its rightful ownership of land. To calculate the subjective use of the owner, ie it corresponds to an owner in a given urban area, multiply the surface owner for use by medium and 0.90 (for 10% discount the use of transfer which corresponds to the Council), ie: use subjective = Soil x Aprova. Middle x 0.90.

Take, for example a simple distribution area of 20,000 sqm of land with three different uses: VPO, PM (Mediterranean town), IND (industrial). We will use as characteristic use PM and we will assign coefficient 1 and the rest will assign a coefficient to convert them and add them PM and power. The coefficient for the conversion of applications to use PM is aimed that the economic value of each square meter of roof t 1000 m² and 2,000 m² VPO IND t is the same (once converted to PM or units of use ), that every square foot of roof of the 3,000 m² t of PM, that is equivalent. Thus, converting to a single buildable floor area according to their values, may be measured and made a fair division between the owners, since the distribution is not edificabilides AU.



Uses and


buildable sq m roof

Coefficient of homogeneity

Units use


1,000 m ² t


330 ua


3,000 m ² t


Ua 3000


2,000 m ² t


Ua 1000


²t 6,000 m ² t

Ua 4330



AP MIDDLE =    APROVE. TOTAL               Ua 4330                      ² = 0.2165 ua / m ²

Area Area distribution               ² 20.000 m²


Use subjective (that of a given owner) = AM    x surface    x 0.90


APROVE. SUBJECTIVE = 0.2165 AU / m²    x 6,000 m²    x 0.90[:]

-Alejandro 6 de octubre de 2009