The areas of adjustment (ARG) of the General Plan for Marbella


Regularization areas are areas of standardization Marbella General Plan which include housing developments or buildings with higher density and lower soil assignments dotacionales those who established the General Plan for Marbella, 1986. The objective of normalization is forecasting deficits dotacionales existing soils and in some cases of urbanization, as urban land is classified as non-consolidated.


The implementation of these areas will be systematic, integrated compensation system by the owners included in the field, during the first two years after the entry into force of the Comprehensive Plan of Marbella. In the event that the owners do not carry out the action, plans for its implementation by the City Council during the next two years by the cooperative. Not materialize until the obligations in the area of ​​adjustment, including buildings will be considered in a position to be managed.


The promoters of the action may voluntarily comply at any time the obligations arising from urban regularization, in which case you can declare the requirement for a regularization. Also be a requirement for a standard course where urbanization is not showing signs of either the land allocated for the transfer has been transferred to the City of Marbella (art. 03/10/1913 Town Planning Regulations of the General Plan).

-Alejandro 2 de abril de 2011