The areas of increased utilization (AIA) of the General Plan for Marbella


This is a case of non-consolidated urban land subject to the provision of Article 45.2.Bb of LOUA, ie being part of building homogeneous areas, continuous or discontinuous, to which the planning instrument assigned to them an advantage significantly higher than the existing target, when their performance requires an increase or improvement of public services and urbanization existentes.En this case is incorporated into a delivery area to allow the free acquisition of dotacionales spaces through technical transfers harvesting, without prejudice to the management process Marbella City Council can apply to enforcement for the implementation of public land and then pass the cost on the plots with excess use.


The areas of increased utilization included in the so-called Transfer Achievement Areas (ATA) that also include an area of ​​increased utilization, it also includes public facilities acting alone (AA), linked to them to manage through transfers utilization. The management of these areas of increased utilization is carried out through free transfer agreement to the City by the owners included in the isolated actions of public facilities in exchange for financial compensation for the owners included in the areas of increased utilization. Two years after the adoption of the Plan without having carried out such assignment, the owners included in the area of ​​increased utilization may normalize their buildings by providing to the Town Hall of Marbella financial compensation necessary for you to pay fair price expropriation to the owners included in the isolated actions. Three years after the adoption of the Plan without any managed these areas, the City shall give the definition of an execution unit for execution by a system of enforcement.


Pending carry out the execution of the areas of increased development, including buildings will be in when out of management.

-Alejandro 2 de abril de 2011