The assets of the public water

public-water 1 .- Concept of public water

TRLA Article 2 states that constitute the public water of the state, the following assets:

a) Inland waters

b) The channels of natural streams, continuous or discontinuous.

c) The beds of lakes and reservoirs

d) Aquifers

[:]e) The water from desalination of seawater.

2 .- The channels

It is the natural channel of a continuous or discontinuous in the land covered by water under maximum normal rises. Are proprietary channels that occasionally pass through the drain if only cross a farm.

3 .- The ponds and flood areas.

The ponds located on privately owned land considered an integral part thereof. The land may be inundated during the floods no ordinary lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers or streams, retain the legal ownership and Sunday they might have . Basin Organizations will transfer to the authorities responsible for urban planning and the available data and studies on roads, in order to take into account in land planning and in particular on the use authorizations agreed in flood areas.

4 .- The aquifers

The public domain geological aquifers or by circulating groundwater, is without prejudice to the owner of the estate to carry out any work that is designed not to extract or use of water.

5 .- The water from desalination

The activity of desalting sea or brackish water is subject to the rules provided for in this Law for private use of public water, subject demaniales authorizations and concessions that are required under the Coastal Act.

-Alejandro 7 de noviembre de 2009