The classification and soil classification

f_articulos4The most important instruments for defining the contents of the ownership of land available to both urban legislation and planning, are the rating and ranking.

For classification can understand the division of land in different classes: urban land, building land and not be developed.[:]

By Rating means the subdivision of the kind of soil involved (especially the urban land and developable) in different areas and to assign specific content destinations.

The most significant differences between the soil and ranking are:

1) The classification determines different types of soil. The rating determines areas of use (eg residential, industrial), intensity (eg buildability of 5m2t (roof) / m2s) and building type specific (Pe collective closed block).

2) There is redistribution of benefits and burdens between owners of different kinds of soil. However, if there est redistribution among owners with soils with different skills.


-Alejandro 1 de julio de 2009