The government and the public maritime domain


The competition for land is primarily maritime domain to the General State Administration, namely the Central Government under Article 149 EC.

Such powers are the following:[:]

  1. Surveying, management, and police protection to the Law of Coasts
  2. Provisions on spills and maritime signaling
  3. Works of general interest necessary for the protection, defense and conservation of terrestrial maritime public domain, as well as necessary for the regeneration of the beaches
  4. Inform the general plans of urban planning
  5. Merchant navy and registering of ships; lighting of coasts and maritime signals
  6. General interest ports;

The powers of the autonomous communities are the following, as required by Article 148 EC:

  1. Regulation on spatial planning, urban and coastal
  2. Marinas
  3. Authorizations for uses in the protection zone easement

The powers of local government

a) Inform the boundaries of terrestrial maritime public domain

b) Inform the reservations, assignments, authorizations and concessions for the exploitation of maritime-terrestrial public domain

c) Exploitation of seasonal services that may be established on the beaches

d) Maintenance and cleaning beaches and public bathing places

-Alejandro 1 de agosto de 2010