The National Trust and State Heritage


The national heritage is regulated by Law 23/1982 of 16 June. They have the legal status of national treasures of the ownership of the state concerned to the use and service of the King and members of the Royal Family for the exercise of the high representation that the Constitution and laws attached to them.[:]

The Board of Directors of National Heritage is configured as a public law entity with legal personality and capacity to act, an agency of the Prime Minister and excluded from the application of the Autonomous State Entities Act. Are your management and administration purposes of the property and rights of National Heritage.

As prescribed in Article 132 EC, these assets have the inalienable, indefeasible and inalienable.

Integrate National Heritage, among others, the following assets:

1. El Palacio Real de Oriente and the Campo del Moro park.

2. The Royal Palace of Aranjuez and the Casita del Labrador, with its gardens and outbuildings.

3. El Palacio Real de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the palace known as the Casita del Principe, with its garden and grounds work, and the so-called Casita de Arriba «, with the Houses of Trades Queen and the Infantes.

4. The Royal Palaces of La Granja and Riofrio and adjoining land.

2 – State Property

The State Property is comprised of the assets of the General State Administration and heritage of public bodies who are in a dependent relationship or connection with it.

The management, administration and operation of the property and rights of State Property which are owned by the General State Administration shall vest in the Ministry of Finance through the General Directorate of State Property.

-Alejandro 10 de octubre de 2009