The ordinance for maintenance (OM) in the normalization of the General Plan of Marbella


The ordinance is keeping the legal system more favorable to landowners affected by the standardization in the Plan of Marbella.

The obligations are:[:]

1) Giving the economic equivalent of 10% utilization or percentage goal established by the planning legislation

2) Improve infrastructure and urban services in accordance with the requirements of the Plan

In addition to these obligations, establishing an obligation whose enforceability is apparently difficult, and that the parcels identified by OM is a reserve of over-harvesting for the future improvement of municipal allocations. However, to ascribe a soil dotacional a parcel identified as (OM) will be necessary to amend the General Plan and the need for a new building on the plot, as it is with the application for new license would require compensation when the owner ascribed as dotacional soil.

-Alejandro 16 de mayo de 2010