The overall planning

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The general plan consists of the General Plan for Town Planning, Management Plan and the Plan intermunicipal Sectorizado.

* The urban planning department (Article 10 LOUA)

a) General Determinations

  • It covers full municipal
  • It contains all the structural determinations
    • Soil Classification
    • Provisions for land for protected housing
    • General Systems (parks, infrastructure …)[:]

b) Findings for urban land

  • Management structure: Definition of areas that should be of special protection in the historic centers
  • Detailed Planning
    • Consolidated Urban Land, complementing the detailed structural organization through detailed applications and building ordinances
    • Urban Land unconsolidated delimitation of internal reform areas subject to detailed planning and delivery areas with associated land use media

c) Findings for the land for development

  • Structural arrangement, which can not be altered by development planning
    • Delineating the areas through the use of developable land sharing
    • In areas or sectors for residential, land reserve equivalent to 30% of target achievement, but may be exempted from the reservation by compensation in other areas, ensuring a balanced distribution of such housing
    • Developable land not sectorized
      • Incompatible uses
      • Conditions to proceed with the sectorization
      • Criteria for provision of general systems
  • Spatial detail: building land sectorized, criteria and guidelines for the detailed planning of the sectors

d) Findings for the undeveloped land

  • Rules of the categories of undeveloped land with the establishment of compatible uses and conditions for carrying out the buildings and facilities allowed.

* The intermunicipal management plan (Article 11 LOUA)

* The sectorization plan (Article 12 LOUA)

Its purpose is to change the category of serviced land not developable subdivision to sectorized or ordered

His determinations are as follows:

Delimitation of the sector or sectors that shall be processed

Forecast, where to VPO

Determinations own detailed and structural organization of General Plan for land for development sectorial or ordered, as appropriate (not necessary PPO)

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