The property of the maritime public domain



Article 132 EC provides the public domain as the territorial sea and shoreline area. These concepts have been expanded and defined by the 1988 Coastal Act, and involving maritime public domain property as follows:

a) The seashore, which includes[:]

* The shoreline zone, which is the space between the low water line and the high tide line or the limit to where the waves reach the greatest known temporary.

* The beaches and areas of loose material such as sand, gravel or pebbles

* Other assets like land reclaimed from the sea, the islands or ports

b) The territorial sea and inland waters, which includes the basement and extends 12 miles from the tide line.

c) The financial resources of the economic zone and continental shelf extending to a distance of 200 nautical miles

That law was challenged before the Constitutional Court recognized its constitucinalidad in Case of 4 July 1991.

In the terrestrial maritime public domain, no rights other than those permitted for use and exploitation acquired under the Coastal Act, regardless of time or they are covered in the register of the property.


-Alejandro 3 de febrero de 2010