The Spatial Plan in Andalusia

Imagen 2In addition, 29 December 2006 was published in the BOJA Decree 206/2006 of 28 November, by adjusting the Spatial Plan of Andalusia to the resolutions adopted by the Parliament of Andalusia in meeting the 25 and 26 October 2006. The planning scheme took effect on Dec. 30. The plan has also been challenged by the popular party.

[:]Objectives of planning in Andalusia, Article 7 of the Law on Spatial Planning of Andalusia in the spatial plan of Andalusia, provides, inter alia, the following:
b) The schedule for joint planning, integrated by the city and its areas of influence,
c) The basic territorial criteria for selecting areas delimitation and territorial planning, environmental, economic and sectoral

In relation to the system of cities, holds a city division, based on criteria of population, and functional products which fall within one of the following classifications.

a) The System of Regional Centers Polynuclear
b) The network of cities (coastal and inland)
c) Urban networks in rural areas

The result of the inclusion of a city in each of these types is the assignment of the relevant basic infrastructure and equipment (Universities, R & D …), with corresponding budget allocation.

Within the system of cities, an important aspect is that concerning the guidance and control development processes, regulations covering, among others, the city model, opting for the compact city model, functionally and economically diversified avoiding indiscriminate expansion processes and unnecessary consumption of land and natural resources.

Another aspect is related to the growth of cities, states and limitation, as a rule, are not allowed growths involving developable land increases over 40% of existing urban land or growths involving population increases above the 30% in eight years. The spatial plans of subregional determine specific criteria for each area.

In relation to the tourist development, provides the consideration of unique tourist facilities for leisure, sport and open space (golf courses, theme parks …), from its own added value in that high performance specialized facilities and services, and independently of the associated property developments.

The territorial planning set the conditions to be met by these facilities, with particular quality conditions, urban and landscape integration and ensuring economic viability of the proceedings and may establish the precise location of those facilities which have a supra-municipal character.

-Alejandro 9 de agosto de 2009