The Spatial Plan of the Costa del Sol

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The Spatial Plans subregional down the basic elements for the organization and structure of the territory within its scope. Regarding content, is essentially the following:
a) Basic infrastructure and distribution of equipment and services necessary scope or nature supramunicipal
b) An indication of management zones for the protection of landscape and historical heritage [:]

Regarding the Spatial Plan of the Costa del Sol, covering the towns of Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, Estepona, Casares, Manilva, Ojen, Istan and Benahavis. Also covers an area 941 km2 and a registered population of 297,438 inhabitants in 2004, spending around 700,000 people if we consider the actual population in a stable existing in the area, and about 1,000,000 resident population unaccounted floating character mainly tourist, being the volume of 8,505,430 visitors per year as estimated by 2003.

Regarding the constraints on growth in the municipalities of the subregional plan are as follows:
a) The general urban planning classify the new land for development in continuity with the existing developable urban land or the adoption of this Plan, unless impractical due to topography or other special conditions of adjacent properties.

b) The classification of new land for development shall be provided in the review process of planning. This classification is justified to proceed when at least 60% of the area of land for development under the general plan is revised, is approved development project and are under implementation. To this effect be quantified independently the extent of implementation of existing building land provided for each global use.

The strategic areas established by the POT of the Costa del Sol, are:
a) Areas of centrality, preferably formed by soil that appear located in the vicinity of the Rail Corridor stations on the Costa del Sol
b) Areas of opportunity, consisting of soils by their position are considered of strategic importance to the territorial location of facilities or activities of economic and intermunicipal character.

The golf courses that want to install on undeveloped land are regulated in Article 45 of the rules of the POT. Similarly we can highlight the following sort criteria:
a) The golf course will have at least an 18 long holes, the minimum area of the performance will be of 150 hectares, of which 50% will go to a public park.
b) No other buildings can incorporate those related to the purpose of recreation or sports, as well as hotel accommodations, catering, and other complementary facilities for them.
c) Irrigation with recycled water made

Another aspect is related to the growth of cities, states and limitation, as a rule, are not allowed growths involving developable land increases over 40% of existing urban land or growths involving population increases above the 30% in eight years. The spatial plans of subregional determine specific criteria for each area.

In relation to the tourist development, provides the consideration of unique tourist facilities for leisure, sport and open space (golf courses, theme parks …), from its own added value in that high performance specialized facilities and services, and independently of the associated property developments.

The territorial planning set the conditions to be met by these facilities, with particular quality conditions, urban and landscape integration and ensuring economic viability of the proceedings and may establish the precise location of those facilities which have a supra-municipal character.

-Alejandro 9 de agosto de 2009