The system of cooperation and the clearing system


1.1 .- Concept of the cooperation system

The administration is responsible for implementing the planning activity, although the owners were not expropriated, but will use and buildable lots after the development.

Shall be carried out in two ways:[:]

a) Direct management and, where appropriate, contracting works of urbanization

b) Indirect management, committing to a developer through a competitive agent execution activity

1.2 .- System Features

a) In determining a system, be granted within 15 days for owners to opt for payment in cash or in use.

b) Approval of draft dose reparcelación

c) Enforcement of the urbanization works ADMINISTRATION

d) The possible creation of administrative association of owners, with a range of advisory and informative


2.1 .- Concept of the compensation system

In the compensation system, owners are responsible for the development and well received for his performance buildable lots.

2.2 .- System Initiative (art 130 LOUA)

The initiative of the system can be performed:

a) Sole proprietorship

b) Owners representing more than 50% soil

c) Agent developer means a natural person, legal entity, public or private (may own less than 50% of soil)

2.3 .- Procedure for the offsetting

A) Presentation initiative

1 .- Statutes and bases of action, including land purchase offer

2 .- Commitments of execution times

3 .- Grounds for economic and technical soundness

4 .- Optionally, detailed planning and development project

B) City Council Decision

1 .- dismissed the initiative

2 .- approved in advance and allow time for public information of the owners personal summons for a) To facilitate the accession of the owners, b) Presentation of claims by stakeholders, c) Allow other initiatives announced by other entrepreneurs who aspire to be an agent developer.

C) Final Approval

If the initiative attracting the adherence of the owners representing over 50% of surface area, or not announced other initiatives, approve the initial initiative.

D) Public information

If other initiatives, in such case shall be allowed at least 20 days to present alternatives advertised after which will be approved first, which earned the support of owners representing more than 50% of surface performance. Secondly, the solutions that best oferte management, implementation planning and, where appropriate, development planning.

5.4 .- The board of compensation

It is responsible for approving the draft reparcelación, which must be ratified by the City Council and responsible for the execution of urbanization. Undertake reparcelling forced the owners do not adhere to the board of compensation or comply with its legal duties.

5.5 .- The compensation system through the planning agreement

When you have unanimous agreement of all owners, without compensation board, the system will be implemented under a planning agreement. The Convention shall freely the form of planning and execution will contain a deadline for submission of draft urbanization and reparcelling.

-Alejandro 6 de octubre de 2009