The urban land

IMG_0596The urban land is one where there is urban development and is therefore in the urban network of the city. LOUA Article 45.1 provides that land is considered
urban general plan who ascribe to this kind of soil found in the following circumstances: [:]

• Participate in an existing population center and be given a minimum of urban services through urban road access, water supply, sanitation and electricity supply
• Being already established at least two thirds of the space suitable for building
• Have been urbanized execution of an instrument of urban planning

There are two categories of urban land that are regulated in Article 45.2 of the LOUA

• Consolidated Urban Land
or urbanized land
o The urban land that has the characteristics of urban non-consolidated

• Urban Land unconsolidated
or not urbanization have all the services needed or do not have the right characteristics to the building
or Refine renewal of urbanization

Regarding the legal status of urban land, ie rights and duties of owners of urban land, the Land Law distinguishes urban land now in two different situations, depending on whether or not a consolidated urbanization.

a) Consolidated Urban Land
• Copyrights
o Right to build on the terms established in each case planning legislation and planning

• Duties
or request and obtain the municipal license
o Complete the residential community to convert solar urban land (such as putting streetlights or sidewalks if necessary)
Making the building or on the conditions set by the urban planning, and preserve the building done.

b) Urban Land unconsolidated
• Copyrights
The basic right of initiative is the promotion of its transformation through urbanization.

• Duties
or promote its transformation under the conditions imposed on planning
or Providing land for roads, hospitals, parks etc. ..
Transfers of land or equal to 10% utilization of the area for the Municipality (can be changed from 5 to 20%)
or cost and running the urbanization
or equitable distribution of benefits and burdens of planning

-Alejandro 19 de julio de 2009