The use of State Water

state-water1 .- The legal easements on water

Legal servitudes on water are:

a) Area of servitude than 5 meters wide margins of the channels for public use. The building and planting are subject to authorization

b) Police Zone of 100 meters width of the channels in which limit the use of soil hydraulic submitting to the authority any construction, aggregate extraction, natural terrain changes.

c) Easement runoff: lower land requirement to withstand water and drag materials to fall naturally. If not descend naturally, is entitled to compensation for damages

d) Easement Aqueduct: water authority may impose servitude of aqueduct for water use with compensation

2 .- The common uses of water and proprietary

It is common to use surface water as they run for their natural beds, for drinking, bathing and other domestic purposes and for watering livestock. These common uses shall be conducted so that there is an alteration of the quality and flow of the waters. There are in common uses, special uses subject to authorization, as is navigation, or the establishment of boats step.

The exclusive use of public water is one that excludes the common use and is acquired by law or by administrative concession. An exclusive use by statute, is the owner of a farm that can use rainwater to flow through it and stalled within their boundaries or use on a site of groundwater when the total volume not exceeding 7,000 cubic meters.

All other private uses of water and require administrative concession may be granted according to forecasts by the Hydrological Plan, a temporary and not later than seventy-five. Assumptions for private uses are irrigation, the agricultural or industrial uses to produce electricity.


-Alejandro 7 de noviembre de 2009